We are a fabrication house, headed by Tyler Scott Culligan, specializing in Custom Puppet Design. Colorphony's use of high quality engineering and fabrication materials provides a long life-span on their enchanting creations. With several years of experience, providing creative solutions for creatures and contraptions within the worlds of theater and film, if you can dream it...most likely we can build it. Look below for examples of our work, and then get in touch.

"Most puppet companies can charge thousands of dollars, but Colorphony is extreamly affordable."


The Magic Boat

The Magic Boat is the first Web-Series produced entirely by Colorphony Creations. Tyler Scott Culligan is the creator and writer, Tayler Elise Culligan is the Artistic Director, and Jason Gerber is the Director of Photogrphy. Its not as zany as your typical kids material, and we think that’s for good reason; with slower pacing and more relatable situations children are allowed time to grow along with the characters. It's a safe place with real friends, real struggles and real laughs.

The show takes place aboard a magical boat who has a mind of her own. The writers and creators of the show take just as much care with their wholesome, positive voice as they do with their puppets and hand-crafted special effects. The Magic Boat’s quality content is low-stimulus, but still engaging and accessible for all ages. Every character is authentically engineered to foster positive interactions and genuine dialogue.

Visit THE MAGIC BOAT'S Official YouTube Channel


Lookinglass Theater

Lookingglass was founded in 1988 by David Catlin, David Schwimmer (Friends), Lawrence DiStasi, David Kersnar, Eva Barr, Joy Gregory, Andy White, and Thom Cox. They have since performed more than fifty world-premiere original works. In 2011 Lookingglass was the recipient of the Regional Theatre Tony Award. Colorphony Creations was in charge of maintenence and creating custom travel bags for the parrot puppets in their 2016 run of Treasure Island.

Blair Thomas and Company

Blair Thomas and Company is an internationally recognized Chicago-based theater company creating innovative puppetry performances incorporating musical, literary and puppetry traditions to create uniquely expressive spectacle theater.Founder and Artistic Director Blair Thomas began his puppetry career in 1989 when he co-founded Redmoon Theater. He created BT+Co as a chamber puppet theater to showcase the various expressive capabilities of hand, shadow, marionette and bunraku-style puppetry in a more intimate setting. BT+Co has built an award-winning repertoire with original interpretations of literature and music. Colorphony Creations has a rich and rewarding relationship with Blair Thomas spanning six years. In that time Tyler has built puppets, mechanisms and stage elements for some of their largest shows.

Chicago Childrens Theater

The Chicago Children’s Theatre is Chicago’s premier professional theatre company dedicated to creating awe-inspiring theatrical productions and programs for communities through inclusion and accessibility; inspiring young people and families to lead lives of adventure, courage, and curiosity. There has been tremendous critical and popular support of Chicago Children’s Theatre and since the theatre’s inception in 2005, more than 280,000 youth and families have attended its productions. Colorphony Creations has contributed puppets and puppetry to CCT's 2013 production of The Houdini Box, and their 2015 staging of The Selfish Giant.

"Viewing all of creation as from the hand of an all-loving God has improved my dedicaiton to creating and sustaining beautiful things."

The Creator

Tyler Scott Culligan graduated from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago where he studied narrative arts with a focus in media and performance. While there he learned technical skills, such as After Effects, sculpture, animation, and puppetry performance. Tyler began creating puppets and performing in productions right out of school, and his spark of creativity was fanned into a flame thanks to the bustling, world-famous Chicago Theater Scene. Between day jobs, Tyler conceived The Magic Boat as an entertaing production aimed to nourish both children's minds and hearts. The show would offer relational fruits he didn't see being conveyed from other media. In 2011, with a grant from The Wicker Park Advisory Council, The Magic Boat Live show was born, and continued to perform in the parks for next four years.

Tyler's client base and credibilty has grown into Colorphony Creations; the perfect avenue for his endless creative mind. Not only is Colorphony a workshop where he is able to offer custom puppets at affordable prices, but he has been able to invent new productions of his own, starting with The Magic Boat Childrens Series. After a few years of false starts, along with his friends, he was finally able to get the formula right for producing a hand-made, grassroots children's show in 2015. In this project, Tyler became essential in every step: from, writing the scripts and creating the puppets to editing the video and even recording the show's original music. And, the result was well worth all of the hard work. Along with his team of creatives, he managed to produce a highly-polished final product which was very well received; many videos gathered thousands of organic views.

About Our Process

Through e-mail, skype calls, or phone conversations we are able to tweak your desired creation just perfectly. First we start with brainstorming, or conceptual drawings, and then move into tied-down design drawings; kind of like a blueprint. The production process can take from 2-10 weeks depending on the scope of the project. We are then able to package and mail the creation anywhere in the world. While most puppet companies can charge thousands of dollars, we are considered extremely affordable. Drop us a line and let's get the process started!

Contact Us

This is where we get to meet you and your creations! If you have a puppet in mind, even if you don't quite know what it should look like, let us know and we can get the ball rolling. If you have an upcoming theater production we also do over the phone, facetime, or skype consultations to help you build your own masterful creations. No request is too wild, so drop us a line and ask any question you may have. Tyler is availible for freelance contracting, and hourly invoicing. Cheers!

Phone: 813 477 0377